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 New Pool Proof Water harmonizer
 Specialists in Residential, Commercial
 Fast, Reliable Service
 A Specially Trained Division to Assure Elimination
      of Your Pest  Problems
 Termites - Inspections, Escrow & Loan Reports,
      Free Inspection to Qualified Homeowners
      Treatments + Wood Repair
 TOTAL EXTERMINATING is certified to treat
      Africanized Honey Bees, Red Imported Fire Ants.
      We treat pest control with various established
      methods. Also Fruit Flies and Mosquito

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Termites - Spiders - Ants - Bees - Rodents - Let Total Exterminating’s services put your pest problem under total control. Our services offer inspections, one-time treatments and affordable maintenance contracts that won’t have to bothered by those pests again. Our services are guaranteed.

Total Exterminating  provides friendly and experienced pest control specialists are prompt and professional, and deliver exceptional service for homeowners and commercial properties.

The homeowner has a choice of options:
If you suspect a problem with termites or other wood-destroying organisms, we offer:

• Inspection
• Treatment and repair
• Fumigation

If other pests are a problem, we offer:

• Inspection
• One time treatment
• Ongoing maintenance service


 Specialists in Residential, Commercial, Gophers, Rats, Ground Squirrels, Birds & Termite Control and
      eradication and Attic Clean-ups
 Mice - Nest Behind Drawers & in Garages
 Oriental & German Cockroaches - Usually Seen in Lower cupboards & on Floors
 Fleas - Complete Elimination From House & Yard
 Bees ,Wasps, Yellow Jackets in Attics & Walls and Hive Removal
 Silverfish, Carpet Beetles & Crickets, Clothes Moths
 Earwigs - Sow bugs
Live Trap Rentals (Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks etc…